Is it just theory or are there real-life success stories?

In 2011 the mayor of a small town called Jun in Spain (with 2500 residents,) introduced a local online platform to connect the locals and the local officials etc ALL TOGETHER creating the first online Participatory Digital Democracy in the world! Since then there has been several evolving large scale participatory democratic processes in Madrid, Portugal, Taiwan, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and others, using Online Localized Forums to introduce new laws, allocate funds to local initiatives, plus resolve heated or sensitive issues etc ON A MASS SCALE.

The results have been truly wonderful and there are no failure reports from anywhere in the world! No criticisms published on Google! Only praises……… A new paradigm.
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One town, One people, One voice…..Why not?

Why do localized online forums using forum software work so well?
What is the difference between Herd mentality and Hive mentality?

Hive mentality versus herd mentality.
Online forums enable hive mentality or Group intelligence. All of our real life groups (with very few exceptions) use herd mentality.
In real life managing large group gatherings is logistically very difficult, and because of our time constraints, we have always opted for more convenient, insipid solutions.

What about other solutions such as meditation, veganism or eco villages for example?

We do not have a shortage of solutions nor a shortage of organizations, committees, clubs, sub-communities etc…… We have billions of those. Everywhere there are people of good will and generous hearts. Your local community (wherever you live) has hundreds or thousands of different chat channels, a variety of media platforms and discussion arenas where people propose, discuss and implement millions of ideas.

Our many separated and fragmented efforts have however generated the rampant discord that proliferates our communities globally and we will NOT end our ever accelerating downward spiral until we Unite as one people. Yes, that sounds impossible but it is possible and it has already come into the world- 8 years ago!

Are there any failure reports regarding localized online forums?

No. According to our research there are no failure reports and no published criticisms.
Very strange indeed!! Think about it…. If your community has a local forum that you are unhappy with, surely you would speak to the members of the forum about that instead of writing to Facebook or any other platform?
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