The main objective of this platform is to facilitate local connectivity and democratic participatory processes.

People who wish to collaborate, seek solutions, share concerns, or promote positive changes etc are invited to discuss All Matters Local on the Jozi Community app/website.

This community platform has been specifically designed to streamline complex mass discussions. Fairness and Transparency are key considerations.
In order to understand how our Forum Procedures work, please read this
* Weekly Reset page.

As with all the pages on this site, the statements and policies described here are not fixed. Each page has a comments section where you can make your suggestions or objections.

However, there are some Fundamental Principles that should not be easily altered-
1. The essential democratic nature of this forum must be preserved above all other considerations. Everybody participating is equal and when we speak in community we speak as equals.

2. This app/website belongs to the Community of Johannesburg and any party selected to deal with any required legal aspects does so as a holding strategy until our online community is able to come up with a better long-term strategy on behalf of the CommUnity of Johannesburg.

3. The JC platform must never be used for financial or political gain. It is a public service and strictly a non-profit initiative.