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Central Forum
Joburg Central Forum (JCF)

This forum is composed of people whose topics rank in the top ten of the Weekly Poll that is displayed on the the home page. Because their topics are voted as ‘extremely important’, a duplicate of the original topic is made and placed in this Central Forum for  further consideration. If the author of the original topic is unable to speak at this level for whatever reason, they can appoint someone to represent that topic on their behalf.

Only people voted into this forum may speak in it. Everybody can see what is being said. Comments topics in this forum can be copied and presented in one of the general forums for discussion. Nobody on the Joburg community platform is given any special privileges- Everybody is equal.

Once there are 1 000 members, those that came first have to leave to make room for new comers. That means that generally a person will be elected into this forum for roughly a year.
Because of it’s size, this smaller forum will be able to focus more deeply and will be less distracted than the other more general forums. Limiting the commentary to JCF members only, can help streamline and fast-track some of the ideas and suggestions presented by these members who are (almost) jury/styled elected.

The members of this forum can make new posts in this forum but those posts should be aimed at what is happening in the forum at the time. If they want to originate a new topic that they want to have listed on the Weekly Poll, they need to present their topic in one of the general forums- This one is basically reserved for topics elected into it by the Weekly Poll.


Anybody with a serious, Urgent concern can post their Topic to this forum.


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