The Vote button

While you are reading the various posts you might come across a topic that you feel is very important. In order to bring attention to the topic you must vote on it. For example-

When you click on the Vote button it will take you to the votes page- where you will put your vote. At the end of the week the admins will publish a pdf showing the ranking results which will look something like this-
Jozi-Community Topic-Votes Results- *Download

Those topics will then be published on the Home page where it says MOST IMPORTANT TOPICS in the order decided by the votes so that on Monday morning everybody will be able to see all the topics properly ranked.

All the votes from all the topics will be removed and if someone still feels that a particular topic is very important they will have to vote on it again each week until the topic is resolved or ceases to be of much importance.

(Guest members cannot vote).