In the future, using the Weekly Topic poll system will make it is easy to extend the forum from the local, to the provincial (regional), to the national and then the global.

Each week the Topic Poll seeks the top 100 subjects. The top 10 are elevated to the Central Forum where only those members can speak and and posts. The posts made at this level must be in response to activities that are occurring in that forum. New topics must be introduced in the general forums.

To elevate the most important topics to the regional forum, the Central Forum also has a weekly Topic Poll and the top 5 topics are promoted to the next level up- the Provincial level. Nobody at any of these levels have any special privileges. Comments or topics posted at these levels can be copy posted into a topic and presented to one of the general forums for discussion.

If a Topic is promoted and the author of the topic agrees to represent that topic at the next level (or appoint another person in their place), a duplicate topic is made so that the topic can be discussed at both levels.

As long as a topic is at a higher level, it cannot be re-submitted in the general weekly polls.

By the same token, a topic at the provincial forum can be elevated to the National Forum (via the weekly poll), and then to the Global Forum after that.

*In this manner, a great idea posted at a local forum could reach the global platform in just one month!!*

Each level has a limited number of participants.
The local Central forum which gets 10 topics weekly (from the polls), could be restricted to 2000 topics with the first ones elected, leaving first to make room for the new comers (roughly a 2 year cycle).
They intern promote 5 to the provincial forum weekly, and then 2 to the national and 1 to the global…. for example.
Which means that the Global forum would get 200 topics a week more or less, (one from each country.)

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